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Planet Carrier Quenching And Tempering Furnace

1. Technical requirements:
Quenching temperature, 850 degrees, holding for 2 hours, water cooling, tempering temperature 530 degrees, tempering time 3.5 hours. The number of planet carriers per furnace is 48 pieces, and the average single piece weight is 12KG.

2. Furnace design:
Quenching furnace: furnace size 1800×1400×600mm, rated temperature 950℃, power 105KW
Tempering furnace: furnace size 1800×1400×600mm, rated temperature 650℃, power 90KW
Quenching tank: 2500×2000×2000mm

3. Equipment features:
3.1 Design concept: This series of full-fiber lining heat treatment furnaces have introduced foreign advanced technology, adhering to the characteristics of European industrial furnaces with high performance, high degree of automation, and simple and easy-to-learn operation interface;

3.2 Automatic control:
3.2.1 Electric heating multi-zone synchronous control technology, one-key operation for re-lifting the furnace, the whole process is recorded, and it is completed automatically and efficiently;
3.2.2 The load constant current, constant voltage and constant power control technology, according to different load characteristics, can effectively protect the load from damage caused by power failure;
3.2.3 Multiple time curves can be set, and the total number of curve segments is up to 50;
3.2.4 There are two program setting modes of “given value + time value” and “heating section + constant temperature section”;
3.2.5 All parameters can be set by button, and the data is automatically saved without loss;

3.3 Full Chinese operation interface: touch screen integrated control, Chinese interface, simple operation;

3.4 Furnace body sealing: The furnace body and the furnace table and the left furnace body and the right furnace body of this equipment adopt double soft sealing devices

3.5 High uniformity of the furnace chamber: The unique power distribution method is adopted to ensure that the furnace chamber temperature uniformity meets the process requirements, and the furnace chamber uniformity can reach within ±5℃

3.6 Security Protection:
3.6.1 The over-temperature controller is used to monitor the upper limit temperature in the furnace, and it will automatically cut off the power supply when it is over-temperature;
3.6.2 Support to turn off the output when the furnace door switch is disconnected;

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