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Silicon Steel Sheet Drying Furnace

1. Before use, set the heating temperature and alarm temperature of the main control table according to the heating process requirements. These parameters must be reset every time the process requirements are changed, otherwise the product will be damaged and the consequences will be at your own risk.
2. When heating and heating, first observe whether the running direction of the mesh belt is correct, if not, prohibit heating, and at the same time check whether the direction of the cooling fan in the cabinet is consistent with the direction of the marked arrow. Otherwise, the equipment will be damaged, and the consequences will be at your own risk.
3. When it is used to heat workpieces or specimens that can generate flammable and explosive gases, strict process measures are required, and the concentration of organic gas in the drying tunnel should be less than 8000mg/m3!! Otherwise, accidents will occur and the consequences will be at your own risk. .
4. The equipment must be grounded reliably to prevent electric shock accidents.
When it is used for heating workpieces or test pieces that can generate flammable and explosive gases, strict technological measures are required to ensure that the concentration of organic gases in the box is less than 8000mg/m3!!

1. Overview
The silicon steel sheet drying furnace is specially designed for curing products such as paint drying or heat shrinking; Heat curing for paint, spray, etc.

2. Main technical parameters
Inner chamber size: 200×6000×70mm (W×D×H)
Working temperature: room temperature~400℃
Temperature fluctuation: ≤±2℃
Temperature stability: ≤2℃
Heating power: electric heating
Chain traction power: 0.4kw (frequency conversion speed regulation)
Temperature control method: solid state relay control
Working voltage: 3N+PE 380V 50HZ

3. Working environment
The ground must be level and well ventilated;
Ambient temperature: -10~40℃;
Relative humidity: ≤85%RH;
Explosion-proof, flammable corrosive gas and dusty occasions (the dust should be cleaned frequently);
Avoid occasions with vibration and impact;
Benzene organic matter is controlled below 850mg/m3;

Working principles
This silicon steel sheet drying furnace is a drying equipment that automatically controls the whole process of the process. When working, the heat emitted by the infrared electric heating tubes on both sides makes the internal temperature uniform, so that the temperature of the studio can meet the process requirements. The main control meter of the drying tunnel is AI518 intelligent temperature regulator, which can control the temperature in the drying furnace. Set the heating temperature of the main control meter and the alarm temperature of the alarm meter (refer to the instruction manual of the meter for the setting method); when the heating is heated, the meter will automatically control the temperature to reach the set temperature for constant temperature. The temperature of the alarm table is the over-temperature alarm temperature of the heating system. When the temperature is over-temperature, the system will give a sound and light alarm and automatically cut off the heating of the corresponding group to ensure that the product is not damaged.

Structure description
1. The equipment is made of angle steel and channel steel. The inner and outer tanks are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. The middle is filled with thermal insulation materials. High temperature silver paint, beautiful and durable.
2. The equipment adopts electric heating, and the heating temperature in the working room is controlled by intelligent industrial instruments. At the same time, each control group of the system is equipped with a contactor to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Operation steps
1. Connect the power cord and grounding wire of the drying furnace, check the electrical wiring, and check whether the direction of the fan is consistent with the direction of the marked arrow.
2. Close each air switch and turn on the main power switch.
3. Set the heating temperature of the main control intelligent digital regulator (see the instrument manual for details).
4. Set the alarm temperature.
5. Turn on the heating.
6. When the temperature is too high, an audible and visual alarm will be issued; press the alarm mute button to mute the sound. When the temperature returns to normal, restart the corresponding group again. to clear the overtemperature alarm.
7. The transmission switch on the drying tunnel can be turned on as required.
8. After use, cut off the heating and turn off the power.
9. Disconnect the air switch.

1. The drying furnace must be grounded reliably.
2. Please read the instruction manual of this drying furnace and the instruction manual of AI518 intelligent digital regulator before operating it.
3. The workpiece or test piece should not be placed too densely to ensure the smooth circulation of hot air.
4. The drying tunnel has been technically adjusted when it leaves the factory, and all structures cannot be easily changed.
5. Non-professionals cannot easily open the door of the power distribution room.
6. When the equipment fails, please find a professional to eliminate it in time.

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