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Equipment Composition And Details Of Large-Scale Finishing Rolling Steel Bar Heat Treatment Furnace

1. Main technical parameters of heat treatment furnace
A set of finishing rolling steel heat treatment furnace (including control system)
Uses: Mainly used for off-line heat treatment of finishing steel bars, alloy steels, special steels and other metal materials.
Heating method: electric heating
Rated power supply: three-phase, 380V, 50Hz
The state of the steel bar into the furnace: room temperature
Steel bar specifications: φ15–80mm, length 3–15 meters
Maximum loading capacity of a single furnace: 180 tons (excluding racks)
The heat treatment furnace has double doors at the front and back, and two trolleys are designed. One of the trolleys is loaded with materials and then heat treated in the furnace, and the other trolley is loaded, unloaded, and kept outside the furnace, saving the time for loading and unloading. .
Two additional heat preservation devices (telescopic type, the shortest 5 meters, the longest covering the entire trolley) are installed when the trolley is outside the furnace to cool down at a specified rate, and the high temperature protection design of the trolley tow cable is considered.

2. Equipment composition
The furnace is mainly composed of furnace body (including furnace lining), electric heating device, furnace bottom plate, furnace car and traveling mechanism (2 sets), furnace door and furnace door opening and closing system, heat-resistant steel air guide system, temperature control and recording system, Detection system, power system and action control system, 12-point drag couple activity temperature measurement system (including thermocouple and 700 ℃ high temperature resistant wire, Siemens 300 series, industrial computer) and other main components, HMI (human-machine screen) using WINCC programming , the curves and records are kept for not less than 3 years.

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