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Mesh Belt Continuous Heat Treatment Furnace Production Line

Mesh Belt Continuous Heat Treatment Furnace Production Line For Bolts, Nuts, Nail , Stud Fastener Products

1. Technical requirements:
Heat treatment products: bolts, nuts, nail ,stud fastener products, processing material: 35CrMoA.42CrMoA. 20MnTiB, etc.
Main parameters: the maximum temperature in the quenching area is 950 degrees, and the maximum temperature in the tempering area is 650 degrees. Controlled atmosphere bright quenching.
Output: quenching 300 kg/hour (the output varies with the workpiece shape, size, unit weight, and stacking conditions, calculated according to M16*120 stud bolts)
After heat treatment, it meets the performance requirements of national standards for fasteners.

2. Equipment Specifications
According to the above heat treatment requirements of the buyer, it was decided to adopt a set of idler mesh belt furnace production line with a mesh belt width of 600×6000mm.

3. Equipment features:
3.1. This heat treatment production line uses quenching energy-saving technology, standard manufacturing and inspection. The key parts are imported products and assembled in China, and the overall quality reaches the same level as imported.
3.2. It has a drip-type protective atmosphere device, which can prevent the workpiece from oxidizing during heating.
3.3. The transformer is used for low voltage heating, which greatly improves the life and maintenance of the radiant tube, and is easy to replace.
3.4. The mesh belt adopts idler synchronous transmission, so that the mesh belt can bear the minimum tension during operation and has a long service life.
3.5. The bearing on the drive side of the supporting roller adopts special high temperature resistant bearing, and the heating body side adopts high temperature self-lubricating bearing, which is reliable in use.
3.6. There are 2 flame curtains in the preheating zone, and 1 flame curtain near the discharge port in the furnace. So that the quenching flue gas does not enter the furnace, affecting product quality.
3.7. The mesh belt drive is equipped with an abnormal conveying alarm device to ensure the smooth and reliable operation of the mesh belt.
3.8. On the premise of ensuring product quality, the energy saving effect is remarkable.

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