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Spider Annealing Furnace

This series of spider annealing furnaces is a new type, energy-saving and environmentally friendly heat treatment equipment advocated by the state. It has a super energy-saving structure and is mainly used for the annealing of metal products such as rotor brackets, stator brackets, forging parts, and welding parts. This series of products has good safety. , excellent energy-saving effect, good temperature uniformity and so on.

※The equipment composition of spider annealing furnace:
The furnace is mainly composed of furnace body (including furnace lining), trolley and traveling mechanism, furnace bottom plate, furnace door and furnace door lifting system, electric heating device, hot air circulation system (optional) sealing device, touch screen temperature control and recording system, power System and motion control system and other main components

※Product features of spider annealing furnace:
●The lining of the annealing furnace is built with new energy-saving high-temperature ceramic fiber module material, which saves 15-30% compared with the traditional furnace type and has a service life of 5-8 years;
The heating element of the annealing furnace is made of high-temperature and high-resistance electric heating alloy tape wound into a wave shape, the surface load can reach 1.6~2.0w/cm2, and the service life can reach 3~5 years, which is 2-3 longer than the traditional resistance wire heating element. times;
●The sealing of annealing furnace trolley, furnace body and furnace door adopts four-bar linkage mechanism and double sealing mechanism of electric cylinder side pushing and pressing, which has high sealing performance and reduces energy loss;
●The bearing part of the annealing furnace trolley is built with high-strength and high-aluminum heavy bricks.
●The annealing furnace body and the trolley are integrated into the rails, the equipment can be directly arranged on the ground plane and fixed, and the installation is simple.
●The annealing furnace adopts the latest industrial automation control technology, which perfectly combines the instrument, probe, monitoring and action, and the convenient man-machine interface can realize manual and automatic operation;
●Multi-user authority management, different users have different authority levels and their operation restrictions are also different;
●Current, voltage, electricity monitoring technology, different shift monitoring of electric energy and cost statistics report;
● Touch screen operation, intuitive display of various parameters, simple operation, real-time recording of various curves and data;
●Electric heating multi-zone synchronous control technology, one-key operation of the furnace again, the whole process is recorded, and it is completed automatically and efficiently;
●Multiple time curves can be set, and the total number of curve segments can be up to 50 segments;
●There are two program setting modes of “given value + time value” and “heating section + constant temperature section”;

※Safety protection of spider annealing furnace:
●Over-temperature alarm system: when the temperature in the furnace changes abnormally, it will send out a sound and light alarm, and automatically cut off the heating power;
●Interlock protection of furnace door and trolley transmission: that is, open the furnace door before starting the trolley;
●Support to turn off the output when the furnace door switch is disconnected;
● Motor overload protection: prevent the motor from burning and tripping;
●Electrical heater short-circuit protection: to prevent the electric heater from being burnt due to short-circuit;
●Control circuit protection: prevent circuit short circuit and cause accidents;
●Circuit breaker: prevent the main circuit from being overloaded and short-circuited, causing accidents;

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