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Pit Type Gas Nitriding & Nitrocarburizing Furnace

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The pit type gas nitriding and nitrocarbruzing furnace with muffle tank adopts the high quality brand hydrogen analyzer and intelligent instrument for nitrogen potential control,


The pit type gas nitriding and nitrocarbruzing furnace with muffle tank adopts the high quality brand hydrogen analyzer and intelligent instrument for nitrogen potential control, and equipped with nitriding expert system software, the whole process is controlled by PC & PLC, process parameters control, high degree of automation, easy operation .

It is suitable for gas nitriding, nitrocarburizing, pre-oxidation and post-oxidation treatment of parts such as gear, tool die, piston, carbon steel, alloy steel and powder metallurgy materials.

The appearance of the parts is silver-gray, the deformation is small and the quality is stable.

Features and benefits:

– The equipment is suitable for hard nitriding, nitrocarburizing, pre-oxidation, post-oxidation and other heat treatment processes of tool steels and gears.

– Maximum operating temperature up to 650°C

– Sealed circulation fan, good air tightness

– The furnace pot is made of corrugated steel, heat and corrosion resistant steel plate, and the bottom is welded with cold stamping head

– High purity all-fiber cotton lining or light firebrick lining

– Heating element can be selected from resistance wire or resistance tape

– The heat treatment equipment conforms to the national standard. The measured temperature uniformity is ±3°C

– Hydraulic cylinder or pneumatic cover lifting device is used to realize automatic pressure and automatic steering of furnace cover

– Imported multi-loop temperature control system, main thermocouple inside the furnace, auxiliary control outside the water tank, program platform waiting to ensure the heat preservation time

– Optional batching rack, quick cooling device, to ensure that the furnace temperature quickly cooled to below 150°C, the workpiece does not change color

– Acousto-optic alarm, air source pressure, cooling water pressure, furnace pressure monitoring alarm, alarm at the end of the program .

– Nitrogen potential control using high quality brand hydrogen probe, nitrogen momentum control software and automatic flow control cabinet

– The ammonia cracking device is used to automatically adjust the nitrogen potential in the furnace

– The exhaust gas secondary decomposition device ensures that ammonia can be completely burned at any time .

Characteristics of controllable atmosphere nitriding furnace:
· Adopt all-fiber furnace lining, energy saving and high efficiency.

· Adopts full corrugated muffle, guide tube, strong convection circulation fan and other special convection circulation system, which improves the heat exchange capacity in the furnace and the uniformity of furnace temperature and atmosphere.

· The furnace temperature control system of main control, joint control and monitoring is adopted to ensure the furnace temperature uniformity of ±3℃.

· Hydrogen probe, integrated variable program controller and mass flow controller are adopted to realize closed-loop precise control of nitriding process.



Rated power


Power supply Max .



Working zone size

(Diameter x Height ) (mm)

Phase Voltage
RGN-P0506 35 3 380 650 Ø500 x 650
RGN-P0709 60 3 380 650 Ø700 x 900
RGN-P0910 80 3 380 650 Ø900 x 1000
RGN-P1020 180 3 380 650 Ø1000 x 2000
RGN-P1520 230 3 380 650 Ø1500 x 2000
Note : The other model size can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

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