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Horizontal Type Gas Nitriding Furnace

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Horizontal gas nitriding furnace is the company launched with a leading level of products.


Horizontal gas nitriding furnace is the company launched with a leading level of products.

The automatic control of the process is realized by using various gas probes, integrated variable program controller, mass flow meter and nitride control expert system software. The whole set of equipment has high efficiency, energy saving, safety and reliability, it can meet a variety of different process requirements.


It is suitable for nitriding, nitrocarburizing, pre-oxidation and post-oxidation treatment of parts such as gear, tool die, carbon steel, alloy steel and powder metallurgy materials. The appearance of the parts is silver-gray, the deformation is small and the quality is stable.

Furnace temperature control accuracy :±1℃

Furnace temperature uniformity ±3℃

Carbon potential control accuracy :± 0.02kN

Carbon potential stability :± 0.05kN

 Horizontal gas nitriding furnace characteristics:

● Adopt all-fiber furnace lining, energy saving and high efficiency.

● Adopts full corrugated muffle, guide tube, strong convection circulation fan and other special convection circulation system, which improves the heat exchange capacity in the furnace and the uniformity of furnace temperature and atmosphere.

● The furnace temperature control system of main control, joint control and monitoring is adopted to ensure the furnace temperature uniformity of ±3℃.

● Hydrogen probe, integrated variable program controller and mass flow controller are adopted to realize closed-loop precise control of nitriding process.

● The use of integrated variable program controller, furnace temperature control, nitrogen potential control, electromechanical action, interlocking, alarm as one, to ensure the high reliability of equipment operation.

● Nitriding process through the temperature, KN, KC, KO and other parameters to accurately control, in order to achieve the shape and structure of nitride actualization dynamic control.

● The upper computer system can be used for process programming, process operation control, process status display, process operation record, alarm information record and other system management.



Rated power


Power supply Max .



Working zone size

(W x H x L) (mm)

Phase Voltage
RGN-446 50 3 380 650 400 x 400 x 650
RGN-666 80 3 380 650 600 x 600 x 600
RGN-669 90 3 380 650 600 x 600 x 900
RGN-8812 150 3 380 650 800 x 800 x 1200
Note : The other model size can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

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