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Pit Type Tempering Furnace

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This series of pit type tempering furnace is manufactured by our company with the introduction of foreign advanced tempering technology and equipment.


Introduction :
This series of pit type tempering furnace is manufactured by our company with the introduction of foreign advanced tempering technology and equipment. It is suitable for the tempering of hanging heating workpiece and general metal parts such as long shaft, connecting rod and rigging in gas, and the annealing and aging heat treatment of light alloy parts such as aluminum alloy die-casting parts, pistons and aluminum plates.
This series of products have the advantages of good safety, excellent energy saving effect, good temperature uniformity and so on .

Equipment characteristics:
1. Design concept
● This series of all fiber lining heat treatment furnace introduced foreign advanced technology, adhering to the European industrial furnace with high performance, high degree of automation, simple operation interface easy to learn characteristics;

2. Automatic control
● Electric heating multi-zone synchronous control technology, once again up the furnace one key operation, the whole process record, automatic and rapid completion;
● Load constant current, constant voltage, constant power control technology, according to different load characteristics, effective protection of power failure caused by damaged load problem;
● Multiple time curves can be set, the total number of curve segments up to 50;
● With “given value + time value” and “temperature rise section + constant temperature section” two program setting mode is optional;
● All parameters can be set by the key, the data will be saved automatically without loss;

3, All English operation interface
● Touch screen integrated control, English interface, simple operation;

4, Furnace sealing
Total fiber furnace cover of this equipment and integration with seal fan gas cooling furnace, furnace cover with the oven adopts double seal, the lateral article adopts high temperature resistant silicone, medial using asbestos rope insulation, effective protection of high temperature silicone, good gas tightness, and adopt the unique design of the cooling water circulation system, effective protection article sealing silicone, to ensure that its service life.

5, High sealing energy saving
● The front panel of the furnace is made of heat-resistant cast iron to prevent heat leakage from thermal deformation and save energy consumption

6. High uniformity of furnace
● The use of power distribution mode to ensure that the furnace temperature uniformity to meet the process requirements, furnace uniformity up to within ±5℃;

7. Protective device
● Over temperature controller is used to monitor the upper limit temperature in the furnace, and the power will be automatically cut off when the temperature is over.
● Support to close the output when the furnace door switch is disconnected;

8, Protective atmosphere:
● The furnace cover can be equipped with inlet and exhaust holes, regulating valve, so that the product in the protective atmosphere of heat treatment, to achieve the surface of the bright.



Rated power


Power supply Max .



Working zone size

(Diameter x Height ) (mm)

Phase Voltage
RT-P0709 55 3 380 650 Ø700 x 900
RT-P1012 90 3 380 650 Ø1000 x 1200
RT-P0815 105 3 380 650 Ø1000 x 1500
RT-P0820 90 3 380 650 Ø800 x 2000
RT-P0825 95 3 380 650 Ø800 x 2500
RT-P1018 100 3 380 650 Ø1000 x 1800
RT-P1215 100 3 380 650 Ø1200 x 1500
RT-P1020 105 3 380 650 Ø1000 x 2000
RT-P1025 110 3 380 650 Ø1000 x 2500
RT-P1030 125 3 380 650 Ø1000 x 3000
RT-P1315 140 3 380 650 Ø1300 x 1500
Note : The other model size can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

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