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RQ-OT series vacuum oil filling plant is mainly applied in filling oil under vacuum to amorphous alloys transformer ,oil-immersed instrument transformer ,capacitor vacuum filling oil.



RQ-OT series vacuum oil filling plant is mainly applied in filling oil under vacuum to amorphous alloys transformer ,oil-immersed instrument transformer ,capacitor vacuum filling oil .It can also be used for other electric products vacuum filling oil. Oil treatment equipment for the 500KV voltage level and below transformer oil immersed transformer vacuum filtration treatment .

Operation principle:

In the vacuum environment, the product to be oil-injected is firstly degassed by vacuum to reach the degree of vacuum required by the process. After the processed insulating oil is injected into the body, the injected oil can be controlled by the flow gauge . Because in a vacuum environment, the insulating paint can be fully impregnated into the product of the gap in the coil, increased oil impregnation capacity, greatly improving the dielectric strength of the coil .


The amount of oil for each product individually controlled and preset, the speed of the oil can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different processes. Storage tank configuration heating system, placed in the oil tank, not only saves space, but also conducive to the control of oiling.Oil tank can be configured at the bottom of the electric raceway can also be configured trolley, is conducive to the product into. The vacuum system is equipped with a vacuum filter and the volatile oil and vapor are pumped into the vacuum pump.

Oil tank can be designed according to customer requirements round and square ,which can also be with and without heating. For the transformer oiling, the general is directly to the body and taking the time to empty the oil, through the level gauge to control the amount of oiling.


1. Vacuum oil tank: the general horizontal square, there are horizontal circular and vertical circular three, horizontal tank configuration roller or trolley to facilitate the entry of products placed under the tray to prevent oil pollution tank body. Heating oil tanks are equipped with heating tubes for heating and cooling the product.

2. Vacuum storage tank: generally round, with vertical and horizontal two types, the tank is made of stainless steel with heating device. A liquid level gauge display level, in the upper and lower liquid level position monitoring.

3. Vacuum system: The main vacuum pump group, vacuum filters, vacuum valves, pipes and other components.

4. Oil pipeline system: Generally have oil filters, flow meters, valves and other components. special requirements are temperature sensors, pressure sensors, feed pumps and other components .

5. Heating and cooling system: Mainly to the storage tank heating, there are special needs of the fuel tank heating and cooling, electric heater heating, thermal oil as the infectious agent.

6. Pneumatic system: Compressed air source, air handling unit, control valve, pressure detection system, etc., for the vacuum pipeline valve control.

7. Cooling water system: It is mainly used for cooling of some vacuum pumps, chillers and vacuum filters. Generally by the valve pressure detection system.

8. Control system: It is used for the control of the whole system. According to the automation of the equipment, there are relay direct control, PLC control and PLC + PC control to realize interlocking protection and interlocking of each action to avoid human error. PLC + PC control system can record all the details of the operation has been prepared to find. And set different operating rights to ensure the safety of equipment and products.

9. Other parts: According to customer requirements, we can configure other functions, such as the exhaust system for exhaust emissions and so on.

Round tank- suitable for high voltage transformers

Drying tank










control accuracy(℃)



Φ2600*4500 Vertical ≤10Pa(Unload) ≤100Pa.L/S 115±5℃ ±5℃ Auto smart control
Φ3200*3500 Vertical ≤10Pa(Unload) ≤100Pa.L/S 115±5℃ ±5℃ Auto smart control
Φ3200*4500 Vertical ≤10Pa(Unload) ≤100Pa.L/S 115±5℃ ±5℃ Auto smart control
Φ3600*8000 Vertical ≤10Pa(Unload) ≤100Pa.L/S 115±5℃ ±5℃ Auto smart control
Φ4200*8000 Vertical ≤10Pa(Unload) ≤100Pa.L/S 115±5℃ ±5℃ Auto smart control

Effective size of dry oil tank can be designed according to customer’s requirements, the above specifications are for reference only.

Square tank – for amorphous alloy transformer vacuum oiling

Drying tank






Operation temperature(℃) Measurement control accuracy (℃) Control




≤10Pa(Unload) ≤200Pa.L/S Normal temperature ±1% Auto smart control by HMI


≤10Pa(Unload) ≤200Pa.L/S Normal temperature ±1% Auto smart control by HMI

Effective size of vacuum oil tank can be designed according to the requirements of customers, the above specifications are for reference only.

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