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Kerosene Vapor Phase Drying Plant

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RQ-KP series kerosene vapor phase drying plant is mainly used for 110KV and above large high-voltage EHV transformer and transformer drying .


1 , RQ-KP series kerosene vapor phase drying plant is mainly used for 110KV and above large high-voltage EHV transformer and transformer drying .

Operation principle
The use of kerosene permeability characteristics, in a vacuum environment, the use of kerosene steam to heat the items to be dried, kerosene vapor can penetrate deep into the body, release kerosene into liquid heat, but also can scour the body, the condensation of kerosene through The pipes are collected and treated to separate the contained moisture and impurities, which can be reused until the product is completely dried.

As large high-voltage power transformer bulky, thick insulation and more dense, with other equipment to be dry process, a long time and difficult to meet the design requirements. The kerosene vapor phase is the use of kerosene permeability is very strong, the use of appropriate technology, kerosene steam to heat the dryer body, not only the drying effect is good, but the time is short. However, kerosene is a flammable material, kerosene steam is more dangerous, so the operation should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the process to prevent accidents, our equipment has also set the alarm and disposal methods .

Kerosene vapor phase drying process:
1. Preparation phase: 2, Heating phase: 3, Step-down phase: 4, High vacuum phase ;

1 , Vacuum drying chamber: Equipment for the rectangular chamber, the chamber door for the electric door hydraulic locking, heating and insulation pipes arranged in the chamber outside. The waterfall inside the chamber is an evaporator for the evaporation of kerosene. Configuration trolley, for the transformer out of the chamber, in order to facilitate the general sinking the tank below the ground to ensure trolley track and ground level. Users can also configure the air cushion vehicle .

2 , Trolley system: a loading trolley and drive device two parts, trolley for low speed operation. The drive device is used to pull the trolley out of the chamber. If you configure the air cushion vehicle, you do not deserve the vehicle, in the tank door configuration flap device.

3 , Vacuum system: According to the requirements of the configuration of two or three vacuum pump, the system is equipped with a condenser for condensation of kerosene and water vapor mixture to prevent the vacuum pump and the atmosphere pollution.

4 ,Heating system: The general use of thermal conductivity of oil as a heat transfer medium, with electric heater heating oil and a forced circulation of high temperature pump, a part of the exhaust pipe through the vacuum chamber for vacuum chamber heat and insulation,. part of the access to evaporator inside the chamber, used to generate kerosene vapor. System configuration temperature controller, using PID regulator, temperature control accuracy can reach 1 ° C. The system can also use steam heating and pneumatic diaphragm control valve.

5 ,Condensation system: The main condenser, condensate collection chamber and waste heat recovery unit, mainly for the condensation of kerosene steam and water vapor recovery and separation. The system can measure the amount of water of the product .

6 .Kerosene Evaporative Distillation System: Kerosene is filtered through a filter bank of kerosene, which is converted from liquid to gaseous form by a cascade vaporizer located in a vacuum chamber. The distillation system treats spent kerosene for repeated use.

7, Kerosene storage and transportation system: In safety considerations, kerosene used in equipment to be placed at a distance from the device location, work through the explosion-proof pump delivery to the device .

8, Compressed air system: compressed air source, air handling unit, control valve, pressure detection system, etc., for the system control valve.

9.Cooling water system: It is mainly used for cooling of some vacuum pumps and condensers. Configuration of industrial refrigerators, water pressure detection system.

10.Hydraulic system: for the locking of the chamber door, but also for the implementation of the chamber door upside down. The air cushion vehicle is used to open the flap bridge .

11. Control system: It is used for the control of the whole system. There are two kinds of control modes, PLC and PLC + PC, which are all automatic control modes. The control of PLC + PC is more convenient. It can not only modify the process parameters conveniently but also record real-time parameters , To facilitate future inquiries. With PC-controlled devices can also set different levels of authority for different operating levels, not only effective protection of process data, but also effectively prevent the way the quality and safety incidents, the system can also configure the remote monitoring module for easy control and fault detection.

Due to the large area of kerosene vapor phase drying, all its specifications are based on customer requirements. Mainly according to equipment, the evaporation power of kerosene to grade, generally have the following specifications: 200KW 250KW 300KW 400KW 450KW 500KW, if special requirements can be customized:

Dimensions (mm) Heating


Max. operating temperature  

Temperature control




Control mode
7000×4500×4500 250KW 135±5℃ ±5℃ ≤10Pa(unload) Auto smart control by HMI
9000×4500×4500 300KW 135±5℃ ±5℃ ≤10Pa(unload) Auto smart control by HMI
10000×5000×5000 400KW 135±5℃ ±5℃ ≤10Pa(unload) Auto smart control by HMI
11000×5000×5000 400KW 135±5℃ ±5℃ ≤10Pa(unload) Auto smart control by HMI
12000×5500×5500 400KW 135±5℃ ±5℃ ≤10Pa(unload) Auto smart control by HMI
14000×5500×5500 450KW 135±5℃ ±5℃ ≤10Pa(unload) Auto smart control by HMI
15000×5500×6000 500KW 135±5℃ ±5℃ ≤10Pa(unload) Auto smart control by HMI
16000×6000×7000 600KW 135±5℃ ±5℃ ≤10Pa(unload) Auto smart control by HMI

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