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Silicon Steel Sheet Iron Core Annealing Furnace

1. Device name:
Silicon steel sheet iron core annealing furnace

2. Equipment use:
This series of well-type silicon steel sheet iron core annealing furnace is a complete set of equipment specially designed and manufactured by our company for the heat treatment needs of silicon steel sheet and silicon steel sheet punching in the vacuum state of transformer and micro-motor industry. , It can also be used for heat treatment of other steel and non-ferrous metals.

3. Equipment composition:
This series of silicon steel sheet annealing furnace consists of furnace body, muffle tank, material basket, control system, heating element, explosion-proof system, vacuum system, (gas control system, steam generator, nitrogen generator system, ammonia decomposition device, atmosphere analysis system) and other parts of the system, which are prepared by the buyer) and other parts.

4. Introduction to the structure of silicon steel sheet annealing furnace:
4.1 Furnace shell:
The furnace shell structure is assembled and welded by section steel (channel steel) and steel plate. The outer shell steel plate is welded with a high-quality steel plate drum with a thickness of 3mm, and it is reinforced with 6# section steel. The furnace panel is made of δ=14mm steel plate, and the bottom of the furnace shell is made of 12# section steel is welded to ensure the overall strength of the furnace body. This structure has the advantages of firmness and reliability, beautiful appearance, and long-term high temperature use.
4.2 Furnace lining:
The production of furnace lining adopts our company’s special full-fiber manufacturing technology, and various fiber plates are assembled by special methods to form an overall full-fiber furnace lining structure (the compression ratio of fiber furnace lining production is ≥35-40%). Using high-quality high-purity long-fiber thorn blanket as raw material, using special equipment to make various specifications such as 600×300×300mm, and leaving a certain amount of compression during processing to ensure that each ceramic module is in the Expansion in different directions makes the modules squeeze each other into a whole without gaps to achieve a perfect heat storage effect, and the product is convenient and quick to construct, and can be directly fixed on the stainless steel anchoring nails of the steel plate of the furnace shell. The structural furnace wall is sturdy and durable, has good energy-saving effect, and is light in weight, which can reduce the transportation difficulty of large-scale equipment, and can greatly shorten the time for on-site installation and construction.
4.3 Electric furnace heating element
The high-temperature resistance alloy strip of Shanghai Diangong Alloy Factory is used to wind it into a corrugated shape (resistance strip material: OCr25A15). A new type of special installation method is used to hang on the masonry around the furnace, and it is fixed with a high-aluminum porcelain retaining ring.

5. Heat-resistant steel muffle tank
It is used for loading and sealing the workpiece to prevent oxidation of the product. The welding seam is firm and leak-free, and it can withstand the total weight without deformation in the hot state. It can withstand high temperature, positive and negative pressure, and vapor corrosion under normal conditions without deformation. Abnormal phenomena such as water leakage and air leakage.

6. Hot air circulation system: The water-cooled hot air circulation fan produced by Harbin Sealed Motor Factory is used to make the temperature in the furnace consistent through stirring, so that the workpiece can be heated quickly and evenly.

7. Electronic control part
It mainly includes two parts: temperature control and operation. The temperature control system adopts imported digital energy-saving temperature control technology, that is, Japan Shima Electric SR13 intelligent program without overshoot expert PID fuzzy control. Fixed, manual and automatic can be switched each other) Reasonable use of output power allows users to reduce production costs, temperature control accuracy can reach ±1 °C, furnace temperature uniformity can reach ±5 °C, the touch screen computer is used to record the complete process curve, and can exceed Temperature alarm; the operation adopts button and light display to realize the control of furnace cover lifting, heater on-off and circulating fan start, etc., and is equipped with interlocking device, the heating element can only be heated when the furnace cover is closed, which is safe and reliable.

8. The electric furnace is equipped with 1 thermocouple with K graduation number and 1 armored thermocouple, 1 is used to detect the furnace temperature, and the other is used to control the furnace temperature, protect the over-temperature and record the process curve.

9. The paint color of the furnace body is blue, and the front of the furnace cover and the furnace panel are silver-white high-temperature paint.

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