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QPQ Salt Bath Liquid Nitriding Furnace

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QPQ salt bath liquid nitriding furnace, also known as salt bath nitriding furnace, is mainly used for liquid nitriding of various workpieces.


QPQ salt bath liquid nitriding furnace, also known as salt bath nitriding furnace, is mainly used for liquid nitriding of various workpieces.

QPQ salt bath liquid nitriding furnace main features:

This series of salt bath nitriding furnace is composed of shell, cover, heat insulation lining, heating element, heat resistant steel muffle, cover starter (hydraulic or manual) device and so on.The temperature control of electric furnace adopts the artificial intelligence PID automatic temperature controller, which has the function of self-identification and self-diagnosis, and solves the shortcoming of muffle pot heating furnace temperature lag, and sets the upper limit alarm, so that the uniformity of furnace temperature is greatly improved.

Application industry :

HSS drill, milling cutter, broach, gear hob, reamer, etc.Tool bar, tool body, etc.;Extrusion mold, hot forging mold, die casting mold, rubber, plastic mold, glass mold, etc.

Parts for cars and motorcycles

Crankshaft, camshaft, valve, gas spring piston rod, shock absorber piston rod, piston rod, differential bracket, ball head pin, worm, connecting rod, gear, etc.

Textile machinery parts

Stretch wire cold and hot rolling, carding machine parts, rollers, steel collar, easy hook, etc.

Fluid and fluid components

Pump cylinder head, valve stem, valve seat, valve, piston rod, cylinder liner, screw, piston, hydraulic mechanical parts, etc.

After the QPQ salt bath liquid nitriding process, the workpiece has the following characteristics:

1. High wear resistance and fatigue resistance
1.1 After this process, a dense seepage layer is formed on the surface of the parts, which greatly improves the surface hardness of the parts, reduces the friction coefficient on the surface of the parts, and improves the anti-bite performance of the parts.

1.2 The sliding friction test results show that after this process, the wear resistance of medium carbon steel can reach 30 times of conventional quenching, 14 times of carburizing quenching of low carbon steel, and more than 2 times of ion-nitriding and hard chromium plating.The wear resistance of alloy steel and structural steel is more than 20 times higher than that of high frequency quenching and conventional quenching.

After treatment, the fatigue strength of medium carbon steel can be increased by more than 40%, and the fatigue strength of steel, cast iron and sintered materials can be increased by 20%-200%.

2. High corrosion resistance
2.1 Carbon steel and other materials after processing, on the surface of the formation of a layer of dense compound layer, at the same time there is a layer of oxygen-rich passivation layer, the two together, so that the workpiece has excellent corrosion resistance.

2.2 In the neutral salt spray corrosion test, the corrosion resistance of parts after treatment is more than 20 times that of hard chromium plating and 200 times that of blackening. The corrosion resistance of parts is better than that of martensitic stainless steel and close to that of austenitic stainless steel.The corrosion resistance of neutral salt spray test can reach more than 700 hours.

3. The micro deformation
The process temperature is lower than the transformation temperature of steel, and there is no microstructure transformation in the process, which is much smaller than the deformation caused by the conventional nitriding process with microstructure transformation.

4. Replace the multi-channel processing process
It can replace the conventional hardening process and anti-corrosion process at the same time, save energy, shorten the production process and reduce the production cost.

Model Rated power




Rated voltage


Working zone size

(Diameter x height)

QPQ-0508 45 650 380 Ø 550×800 360
QPQ-0610 50 650 380 Ø 600×1000 480
QPQ-0612 60 650 380 Ø 650×1200 700
QPQ-0812 75 650 380 Ø 800×1200 1000
QPQ-0815 80 650 380 Ø 800×1500 1200
QPQ-0818 90 650 380 Ø 800×1800 1500
Note : The other model size can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

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