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Gas Nitriding And Nitrocarburizing

Nitriding heat treatment processing occupies a large part of the heat treatment industry. At present, the domestic nitriding process has also achieved unprecedented development. Hangzhou Ruiqin Mechanical has also made outstanding contributions in nitriding heat treatment processing.Nitriding is divided into gas nitriding, nitrocarburizing, ion nitriding and so on.

Nitriding heat treatment processing occupies a large part in the heat treatment industry, Hangzhou Ruiqin Mechanical in nitriding heat treatment processing has made outstanding contributions.Hangzhou Ruiqin Mechanical mainly engaged in gas nitriding and ion nitriding.Gas nitriding heat treatment is briefly introduced in the following.

Gas nitriding is a heat treatment process that puts the workpiece in a closed space, enters the nitrogen, ammonia and carbon dioxide medium, and heats it to 500-580℃ and keeps it warm for several hours or dozens of hours.Through the control of heat treatment time and temperature, to meet the technical requirements of different products.

The function of gas nitriding:

(1) Make the surface of the parts have high hardness and wear resistance.For example, a heat treatment customer of Hangzhou Ruiqin Mechanical used 38CrMoAl material products for construction machinery, whose surface hardness is between HV950-1200.

(2) Improve the anti-fatigue ability.

(3) Improve the corrosion resistance of the workpiece.Because of the nitriding, a dense ε-phase layer with high chemical stability can be formed on the surface of the workpiece. For example, Hangzhou Ruiqin Mechanical, not only can improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance, but also can reduce the bonding phenomenon between the mold and parts, so as to improve the service life of the mold.

Before nitriding heat treatment, the workpiece is generally quenched and tempered heat treatment, so that stable tempering sorbite structure can be obtained, in order to ensure the final performance of the parts and the dimensional stability during the use of the process, but also to get a good nitriding layer to prepare the organization.

In recent years, the application of gas nitriding in mold, petrochemical, automobile, machine tools, tractors and so on is expanding day by day.Therefore, Hangzhou Ruiqin Mechanical technical team in the gas nitride heat treatment process research and development continue to explore, and strive to walk in the heat treatment industry at the forefront.

Nitrocaburizing also known as gas soft nitriding, is a chemical heat treatment process developed from liquid soft nitriding. In essence, it is a low-temperature carbonitriding based on nitriding.It is characterized by low processing temperature, short time, small deformation of the workpiece, stable quality, not limited by the steel, can significantly improve the parts of the wear resistance, fatigue strength, anti-bite, anti-scratch and other properties, but also can solve the liquid soft nitriding in the toxic problem, to avoid public harm, so the working conditions are good.In addition, the equipment and operation are simple, easy to promote.Its process is the same as other chemical heat treatment, can be divided into three stages, that is, nitriding agent decomposition of active carbon, nitrogen atoms, steel surface absorption of active atoms;The infiltrating atoms diffuse inward to obtain a layer of certain depth.In recent years, the application of gas soft nitriding in industrial molds, automobiles, tractors, machine tools, petrochemical machinery and other aspects is expanding day by day, and has received good results in improving the life of tools, molds, cylinder liners, crankshafts and so on.

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